Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lets get to altitude

I got up today quite early after a very small sleep as last night was the first meeting with the locals.
I end up meeting a group of europeans that funnily were all in the same flight friday morning out of London. its got to be a good coincidence or couchsurfers since to be really everywhere when it comes to get the cheap connection.
We ate close to the pavilion mall on Jalan Alor and had a few drinks later on with a late arrival in the presence of pascal out of switzerland, travelling around malaysia to renew its visa for philippines !
few hours later, we got finally the chance to see sabiqa and her crew making it thus turning this meeting in what it was supposed to be at first, meet the locals !
got the chance to finally grab a few minutes with Mike munwar, the local star and actual country amb for malaysia and he even gave us a ride home after the meeting as we got surprised by a good old fashioned shower...its quite the season anyway.
From there it was all about setting the couches, plugging the appliances and making it to be after a good shower !
i aint getting used to stick like glue all day but hey, its a new experience !
This sunday morning, i went on the skybridge visit thanks to a couchsurfer "hunch"who is working there and had me prevent from queuing since cool !
i shot like crazy and made tons of videos that i hope to be able to upload before the rest of the trip up north.
i am starting to think that a little day trip to melaka sounds reasonable and i am going to get my tickets asap this afternoon before reaching chinatown and its night market in the india section.
So lets sum up ! SO FAR SO FREAKING GOOD

have a great day

with love from KL