Thursday, September 10, 2009


Hello all,

Wednesday was the perfect day for my first visit outside of Kl and melaka was definitely the best and cheapest destination to be reached just under the time limit i allowed myself to be.
I left early morning with the 8am bus. it was quite an easy ride knowing i had such a bad night before between one of the kid practising the guitar at 2am or the tv constantly being on...they do really live the fasting month in a different way.
Arriving in melaka, jumped into bus 17 that led me right down town close to stadthuys (or city council for the non dutch speakers), exact place where my walking tour was due to start.
took me a little bit less than two hours to do the first part of it before meeting with the local city ambassador yee, a master of tea from china !
He enrolled me into one of his lesson for 50 RM ( 10 euros more or less) from 1pm to 3pm.
See the picture enclose below when i am trying to remember the tea ceremony !
Melaka is really a great city with an architecture inspired by many influences (portuguese , dutch, english to name a few) and was a really main gateway for sea exchanges back in the days.
Few hours later it was time to make my way back and i was in Kl right on time to see my host elma again before heading to sleep.