Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday 14th October

Already one month in my thirties and i kinda celebrate it by going to a small exhibit right outside town

The ride there was fast , merely 35 minutes by bus 6 from the stc bus center in kuching. I just missed the previous one by 4 minutes which made me wait in a local restaurant for a good hour to take the next one at 11.30am.
I made it so right at the door of the preservation center after a little 25 minutes walk from the road entrance.
Cost was cheap, 3RM to enter the forestry reserve.

I went around at first to see when was the feeding involved and walked myself to the start of the trail in the jungle excited to see some wild animals , supposedly aggressive, willing to take a bite on my french body to replace their original diet made of watermelon, sugar cane and bananas !

The forestry managers (the official guides) were just trying to force me into taking someone to come with me but i ll quote his words ( you should take a guide) compulsory then i thought so here i was, exploring this little bit of forest hoping for the best encounters....

And few minutes after i started the walk in the park, my luck struck back again !

And two medium sized Orangutans !

At some point, i even thought they were throwing me stuff as they were looking for food and they are mostly in fact making dead branches meet gravity !

At the same time, i was being attacked by hundreds of mosquitoes and without my repellent and the proper shoes, its been quite an experience !

I encountered quite a few group of tourists so freaking louds that it made almost "my animals" scared.
Not with the warning being issued again and again that i shouldnt be in the jungle alone, that it was dangerous and so on ! made me laugh ... no way i would pay 40 RM to be in somone's foot steps for two hours when i can do the whole 2.5 kilometers in less than 70 minutes for Free.

feeding time was fastly approaching thus allowing some closer shots that i have enclosed here.

was good to be back online for a while.

i have a better idea of my sri lanka tour now after a few slow days of planning here at tracks b&b.

happy family !


I am leaving Kuching tonight with the 8.50pm flight to KL with airasia and will be connecting with my flight to colombo at 6.15am tomorrow morning.
I am due to be in colombo at 7.15am friday and i finally managed to get a couch there so yeepee !

I ll be in touch soon with another cellphone number !

blue skies