Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A sweet city called Kandy

Hiyahhhhhhhhhhhh !

After leaving my host at 6.45am tuesday morning using a tuk tuk (no bus at that time would allow me to get in with two backpacks unless i pay three to four times more than the usual 23 roupies rate) which costed me 500 to be dropped like some common merchandise at the railway station.
Went on trying  to find the next departure to Kandy which after quite a thinking (a mere 5 seconds the night before) was going to be my next stop in Sri Lanka.
Went on to ask for information but their limited understanding of the english either make them believe i am a brit or an american , maybe i had too many couchsurfers from there !
in the end i got the information right, no direct trains were available since the last portion of the track was broken or under repair... got a ride for 180 roupies till the junction which is 6 kilometers south of the city and here i am again on the go with the 9.45am departure train.
Being a tourist but not feeling like one is quite hard to justify when you are the only white in a 5 kilometers radius but i have some good interactions with the locals , thats when they are not trying to rip me off with some stupid scam or miscalculating the total bill when i had previously my breakfast
Hard for them to give it a shot as i know my way round the pricing now so i just politely decline to pay and they came back with a more suitable result for my wallet ! 270 became 220 ..

The ride itself was quite a scenary that i would have gave up for nothing in this world, ok maybe a little skydive but things are coming in line as they should, a born traveller ! i am getting quite addicted to the feeling of freedom on this trip.
Train left on the clock and i got myself a nice seat by the window to shoot around ! i ll try to give you a little extra but kinda lost most of the pictures i took on the way but the region you are crossing is really nice... rice fields, coconuts trees all over and a slow progression in the mountain that make you at some point so close to the edge ! really worth every second.
so beautiful that i even missed my stop at the junction thus forcing me in  another bus ride which i found almost instantly after exiting the station at gambulla.
Arrived at kandy in the end around 2pm, contacted at first a friend of ananda which couldnt in the end host me as he was in colombo. i called a guest house nearby and arranged pick up at the restaurant i was protecting from the heavy rain.
The guest house is simply great, clean and uphill giving an extra sense of liberty !
its somehow well connected and tomorrow i ll head towards the elephant orphenage few hours away.

bye bye